Animation VFX & Gaming Prime


Animation VFX & Gaming Prime

The surging demand for Animation, VFX, and Gaming professionals underscores a critical industry need. Our Animation, VFX, and Gaming Prime Program are tailored precisely to meet this demand, providing students with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Our state-of-the-art curriculum is meticulously crafted to unleash your creativity and maximize your potential.

Dive into the world of animation, visual effects, and gaming with confidence, as our program equips you with the skills and knowledge essential for success in this dynamic field. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey.

Where your passion meets industry-leading expertise, shaping you into a sought-after professional in the ever-evolving realm of digital media.

Modules Tools
Magic with Images Adobe Photoshop CC
Concepts of Design and Composition Adobe Photoshop
Lights, Color and Perspectives Adobe Photoshop
Concepts of Cinematography & Photography -
Application of 2D Animation Principles Adobe Animate CC
Anatomy - Clay Modeling and Animation Stop Motion Pro
Character Sketching Adobe Photoshop
Digital Sound Track Adobe Audition CC
Editing Digital Video Adobe Premier Pro CC
Storytelling and Script Writing Final Draft
Storyboarding and Animatics -
Pre-Production Design Portfolio Project
Modules Tools
Modeling 3D Objects with Maya MAYA
Character Sculpting with Zbrush Zbrush
Texturing 3D Objects with Maya MAYA
Lighting and Rendering 3D Objects with Maya Autodesk MAYA
Rigging 3D Objects with MAYA MAYA
Character Animation with Maya MAYA
Paint Fx and Dynamics using Maya MAYA
VFX in Maya XGen & RealFlow
Photogrammetry and 3D Printing Agisoft Metashape/3DF Zephyr
Creating Motion Graphics Adobe After Effects CC
3D Animation Portfolio Project
Modules Tools
Introduction to Unreal Engine Unreal Engine
Level Editor Unreal Engine
Actors Unreal Engine
Blueprints Unreal Engine
Players and Input Unreal Engine
Collisions Unreal Engine
User Interfaces Unreal Engine
Working with Audio Unreal Engine
Packaging & Exporting Demo Game Unreal Engine
3D Portfolio Project
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