Fashion Design


Fashion Design

Arena Fashion Design course is about learning fashion designing digitally, which aims in teaching design, demonstrate, and test the properties of clothes in a virtual environment.

Digital fashion sketches have mostly replaced traditional hand-sketched fashion drawings in many fashion design companies for the ease with which they can be rendered, modified, copied, and reused. Digital fashion design requires the skills of designing and modeling, production technology, as well as the use of special software and equipment

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply three- dimensional visualization to your fashion ideas.
  • Create and edit textures and patterns for fabrics.
  • Create professional fashion sketches
  • Discuss garment draping techniques.
  • Create croqui (rough sketches), fashion illustrations, patterns, motifs and sketches
  • Design Your Clothing digitally
  • Understandfabric behaviorand provide graphical collaboration


Fashion Design

Term 1 Tools
Fashion Illustrations Adobe Illustrator CC
Sketching Autodesk Sketchbook
Fashion Magic Adobe Photoshop CC
Fashion 3D Digital Fashion Pro
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